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Female Voice Over Talent

The Art Of Voiceover….

OK, so, you open the door, walk into the house, take off your shoes and turn on the TV. You sit back, relax, and what do you hear? VOICEOVER!!

From the announcer telling you to stay tuned for the evening news to the cheerful voice promoting the praises of cat litter to the voice informing you of the mega sale at your local furniture store this weekend - a voiceover can't happen without professional voiceover talent. Voiceovers are used in various promotional areas such as television, corporate training videos, voice mail prompts, industrial videos and audio books. We are the voices who give you information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Lindsay specializes in proficient voice over in the following media arenas:

  • Female Voiceover Talent Lyndsay GlazerRadio and TV
  • Liners and Promos
  • Multimedia
  • Jingles
  • Industrial Films and Videos
  • TV Promos
  • Station Imaging
  • Sales Videos
  • On hold messages
  • Website Audio
  • Multi-media presentations
  • Books on tape

Scope of Work:

  • Narrator - Narration - for flash presentations, tutorials, training videos, documentaries, corporate presentations, industrials, audio books, and CD-ROMs.
  • TV Promo Voice - Voice services for television promos and station identification.
  • Radio Imaging - Radio station voice imaging for sweepers, liners, promos, and IDs.
  • Commercials / Spots / Advertising – Voiceovers for Radio and Television Commercials.
  • Professional Female Voiceover TalentOn Hold Voice Services - for auto attendants, voice prompts, on hold narration and music, voice mail trees, portals and answering machine broadcast messages or ads.
  • Characterizations - for animation, gaming, anime, avatars, role playing, and films.

Call Lindsay because….

  • Less bureaucracy: NO RED TAPE
  • She is RELIABLE, PROFESSIONAL, FRIENDLY, PLEASANT and will make sure you are satisfied with her work every time...

Need we say more?

Call or email now to talk to me about talking for you.  

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